Overview of  projects offered in  Energy Analytics & Markets group, Centre for Electric Power and Energy, Department of Electrical Engineering:

  1. Synergies between electricity, gas and heat markets
  2. Investment decision under uncertainty for power-to-gas technology
  3. Co-optimization of energy and reserve markets
  4. Multi-stage strategic investment in CCGT and wind power units via progressive hedging
  5. Impact of unit commitment constraints on generation expansion decisions under wind
  6. Probabilistic forecasting of solar power generation at the distribution grid level
  7. Distributed learning in renewable energy forecasting
  8. The Renewable Energy Scenario Generation (RESGen) platform
  9. Population games in electricity markets
  10. Wind producers and honesty in stochastic energy markets
  11. Calibrating operation models in electricity markets

Detailed description of projects

NOTA: Other projects can be tailored to the students’ specific skills and interests!
More information on the various activities in the group can be found on the DTU CEE youTube Channel